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The Divided Mind

Autor: John E. Sarno

publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co

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Traces the roots of mindbody disorders by exploring the interaction between the generally reasonable, rational, ethical and moral conscious mind and the repressed feelings of emotional pain, hurt, sadness, and anger characteristic of the unconscious mind. This work outlines the history of psychosomatic medicine, including Freud's crucial role.

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My Life in France

Autor: Julia Childová

publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co

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New edition of the classic culinary memoir.

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Churchill & Orwell: The Fight for Freedom

Autor: Thomas E. Ricks

publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co

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Today, as liberty and truth are increasingly challenged, the figures of Churchill and Orwell loom large. Exemplars of Britishness, they preserved individual freedom and democracy for the world through their far-sighted vision and inspired action, and cast a long shadow across our culture and politics. In Churchill & Orwell, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author Thomas E. Ricks masterfully argues

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