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Hardie Grant Books

In the Kitchen : The New Bible of Home Cooking

Autor: Allan Campion

publisher: Hardie Grant Books

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In The Kitchen is an updated version of the beloved original 2008 cookbook of the same name. Across 17 chapters are more than 700 recipes (plus more than 400 recipe variations), offering cooks a definitive guide to meals for every occasion and a fresh look at everyday favourites. This new edition includes some sugar-free and gluten-free recipes, quinoa and kale, and a chapter dedicated to basics.

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Panda Love : The secret lives of pandas

Autor: Ami Vitale

publisher: Hardie Grant Books

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Panda Love is a collection of incredible images of these gentle giants. Ami Vitale's stunning photographs, taken on location in China, document the efforts to breed pandas and release them back into the wild. Ami was given unprecedented access to the pandas and her photos give an amazing insight into the bears' lives in both the sanctuaries and their natural habitat. Fluffy panda cubs tumble out

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Stuart O´Grady : Battle Scars

Autor: Stuart O'Grady

publisher: Hardie Grant Books

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This is the memoir of Stuart O'Grady - one of Australia's best-loved cyclists who has had a long and successful career in cycling for his country and as a professional road cyclist.

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