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Harvard University Press


Journey to the Ants: A Story of Scientific Exploration

Autor: Bert Holldobler

publisher: Harvard University Press

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"Journey to the Ants" combines autobiography and scientific lore to what study of ants can offer. Bert Holldobler and E.O. Wilson interweave their personal adventures with the social lives of ants, building, from the first minute observations of childhood, an account of these abundant insects' evolutionary achievement.

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Augustine: Confessions: Books 9 - 13

Autor: Caroline J. B. Hammond

publisher: Harvard University Press

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Aurelius Augustine (AD 354-430), one of the most important figures in western Christianity and philosophy, was the son of a pagan, Patricius of Tagaste, and his Christian wife, Monnica. While studying to become a rhetorician, he plunged into a turmoil of philosophical and psychological doubts, leading him to Manichaeism. In 383 he moved to Rome and then Milan to teach rhetoric. Despite exploring

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