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Head of Zeus (UK)

Crimson Shore

Autor: Child Preston

publisher: Head of Zeus (UK)

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Special Agent Pendergast and Constance Greene have been called to Exmouth, a small town on the wild Atlantic coast of Massachusetts, to investigate a seemingly innocuous theft. But what they discover at the crime scene changes the course of their investigation: a sealed burial chamber, complete with rusted leg irons, fragments of bone and claw marks on the inside-face of its bricks. Then a

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They Eat Horses, Don't They?: The Truth About the French

Autor: Piu Marie Eatwell

publisher: Head of Zeus (UK)

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In 'They Eat Horses, Don't They?', Piu Marie Eatwell explores the background to, and the contemporary evidence for, 45 myths and misconceptions about the French. She finds that many of them are simply false, and that even those that are broadly true are rather more complicated than at first sight. In the course of her thorough - and thoroughly entertaining - investigations, we discover there is

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