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God's Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science

Autor: James Hannam

publisher: Icon Books

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The adjective 'medieval' is now a synonym for superstition and ignorance. Yet without the work of medieval scholars there could have been no Galileo, no Newton and no Scientific Revolution. In "God's Philosophers", James Hannam traces the neglected roots of modern science in the medieval world. He debunks many of the myths about the Middle Ages, showing that medieval people did not think the

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Dice World : Science and Life in a Random Universe

Autor: Clegg Brian

publisher: Icon Books

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As troubling as we pattern-seeking humans may find it, modern science has repeatedly shown us that randomness is the underlying heartbeat of nature. In Dice World, acclaimed science writer Brian Clegg takes readers on an incredible trip around our random universe, uncovering the truths and lies behind probability and statistics, explaining how chaotic intervention is behind every great success in

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The Elements of Eloquence

Autor: Mark Forsyth

publisher: Icon Books

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Mark Forsyth presents the secret of writing unforgettable phrases, uncovering the techniques that have made immortal such lines as ‘To be or not to be’ and ‘Bond. James Bond.’

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