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Ingram Publisher Services US

Alone Together : Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other (Third Edition)

Autor: Sherry Turkle

publisher: Ingram Publisher Services US

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Technology has become the architect of our intimacies. Online, we fall prey to the illusion of companionship, gathering thousands of Twitter and Facebook friends, and confusing tweets and wall posts with authentic communication. But this relentless connection leads to a new solitude. We turn to new technology to fill the void, but as MIT technology and society specialist Sherry Turkle argues, as

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The Smartest Places on Earth : Why Rustbelts Are the Emerging Hotspots of Global Innovation

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Van Agtmae Antoine, Bakker Fred

publisher: Ingram Publisher Services US

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The remarkable story of how rustbelt cities such as Akron and Albany in the United States and Eindhoven in Europe are becoming the unlikely hotspots of global innovation, where sharing brainpower and making things smarter- not cheaper- is creating a new economy that is turning globalization on its headAntoine van Agtmael and Fred Bakker counter recent conventional wisdom that the American and

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