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Optical Remote Sensing of Land Surface : Techniques and Methods

publisher: ISTE Press Ltd - Elsevier Inc

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The considerable progress in instrumentation and in the development of methods for the processing and analysis of data places remote sensing at the center of various international programs for the surveillance and tracking of climatic and anthropogenic changes and effects on the environment. This volume presents optical imaging and LiDAR systems: their instrumentation, physics of measurement,

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3D Printing of Concrete : State of the Art and Challenges of the Digital Construction Revolution

publisher: ISTE Press Ltd - Elsevier Inc

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The introduction of digital manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing applied to concrete material, opens up new perspectives on the way in which buildings are designed. Research on this theme is thriving and there is a high rate of innovation related to concrete. At the same time, the first life-size constructions made from printed concrete are emerging from the ground. This book presents

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