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Jonathan Cape (UK)

Bleeding Edge

Autor: Thomas Pynchon

publisher: Jonathan Cape (UK)

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It is 2001 in New York City, in the lull between the collapse of the dotcom boom and the terrible events of September 11th. Silicon Alley is a ghost town, Web 1.0 is having adolescent angst, Google has yet to IPO, Microsoft is still considered the Evil Empire. There may not be quite as much money around as there was at the height of the tech bubble, but there's no shortage of swindlers looking to

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Make Something Up

Autor: Chuck Palahniuk

publisher: Jonathan Cape (UK)

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Twenty-one stories and a novella that will disturb and delight, from the author of Fight Club. The absurdity of both life and death are on full display. In 'Zombies', the best and brightest of a high school become tragically addicted to the latest drug craze: electric shocks from cardiac defibrillators. In 'Knock, Knock', a son hopes to tell one last off-colour joke to his dying father , while in

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