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Autor: Kerby Rosanes

publisher: Michael O'Mara Books

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Featuring amazing artwork from talented illustrator Kerby Rosanes, Imagimorphia: 20 Posters to Colour is the perfect way to display incredible colouring creations. The pages are perforated, so it is easy to tear out and display these unique and intricate drawings.

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José Mourinho: Up Close and Personal

Autor: Robert Beasley

publisher: Michael O'Mara Books

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31 %
The gripping biography of one of the most successful managers in the game, Jose Mourinho, giving a rare insight into Mourinho the man as well as Mourinho the manager. Updated to include the full 2016-17 season.Jose Mourinho is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic and controversial characters in football today. Never far away from the headlines, it is the drama surrounding him as much as his

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