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Edith Piaf´s Untold Story

Autor: David Bret

publisher: Oberon Books

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For the first time, Piaf's biographer, David Bret is in a position to reveal the material that was too controversial to publish whilst the interviewees were alive. This new book will mean a significant revision to the Piaf myth.

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Drinks with Dead Poets: The Autumn Term

Autor: Maxwell Glyn

publisher: Oberon Books

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Poet Glyn Maxwell wakes up in a mysterious village one autumn day. He has no idea how he got there but he has a strange feeling there's a class to teach. And isn't that Keats wandering down the lane? Why not ask him to give a reading, do a Q and A, hit the pub with the students afterwards? Soon the whole of the autumn term stretches ahead, with Byron, the Brontes, the War Poets and many more all

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