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Castrum to Castle: Classical to Medieval Fortifications in the Lands of the Western Roman Empire

publisher: Pen & Sword Books

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For over a thousand years, from the time of the Roman Empire to the classic period of castle-building in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, fortified sites played a key role in European warfare. This highly illustrated history gives a fascinating insight into their design and development and into the centuries of violence and conflict they were part of. The study traces the evolution of

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Tribals, Battles & Darings : The Genesis of the Modern Destroyer

Autor: Clarke Alexander

publisher: Pen & Sword Books

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The ships that dominate so much of the history of the Royal Navy in the Second World War are more often than not the carriers or battleships - Ark Royal, Warspite, Hood - and rarely do ships smaller than cruisers move centre stage. Apart that is from one class, the Tribal class destroyers, heroes of the Altmark incident, of the battle of Narvik, and countless actions across all theatres of

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